18 agosto, 2021

View from Iran: US Withdrawal From Afghanistan Reflects A Weakened Empire, w/ Mohammad Marandi


All eyes are on Afghanistan as the Taliban has rapidly taken over the entire country. Most coverage is focused on what this means for the US. But in reality, the West is removed and distant. Iran, on the other hand, is Afghanistan's neighbor and hosts about 2 million official or unofficial Afghan refugees and will likely absorb even more. Iran had a bad relationship with the Taliban in the 90s, which killed its diplomat. Iran now has to deal with this new reality on its border.

To discuss this as well as other developments in and around Iran, including sanctions, covid, nuclear deal negotiations and talks with Saudi Arabia, Rania Khalek was joined by Mohammad Marandi, professor of english literature and orientalism at the University of Tehran.

2 comentarios :

  1. En Irán han sacado la chilaba de los domingos de fiesta al quitarse las Bases americanas de su patio trasero. Están muy acostumbrados a tratar con los talibanes y ambos forman parte de las mismas redes de abasetcimiento y tráfico ilegal de heroían hacia europa.

    1. De los viernes, Pablo, la chilaba de los viernes, que no son cristianos.
      Mientras los yanquis tengan la capacidad de iniciar guerras y que estas les sean rentables, las seguirán promoviendo. Ganarlas o perderlas apenas les importa, siempre que nutran la hegemonía del dólar, que es su arma más letal.