06 julio, 2023

U.S. uses NATO as 'war machine' to maintain global hegemony — Pepe Escobar


Pepe Escobar, brazilian geopolitical analyst, has claimed that NATO has never been an organization that promotes peace and security, but instead acts as a 'war machine' that looks to maintain U.S. hegemony. Pepe Escobar made the assertion, in an interview with China Central Television (CCTV), that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not only between the two countries, but also an example of a war in which the United States has been exploiting and using NATO to weaken Russia and Europe, all the while seeking to maintain its global hegemony.

1 comentario :

  1. Los planes de EEUU siempre fueron, desde antes de Vietnam, una guerra con China. Y para ello debían neutralizar a Rusia. A demás debían separar Alemania de Rusia. Finalmente, con la producción a escala mundial, le sobran competidores y se van a cargar a Alemania. En Europa solo quedan lacayos y estómagos agradecidos. Lo que dure. Salud!