06 noviembre, 2022

"The World Bank has always been an arm of the US military" — Michael Hudson


"The World Bank has always been an arm of the U.S military and very often its president has been the former Defense Department head or a military head. The World Bank upon its founding had one basic purpose: to make sure that other countries did not produce their own food".

India & Global Left - 04/11/2022

Prof. Hudson speaks on the nature of US financial dominance, the role of World Bank in developing countries, USA's ability to run a huge balance of payment deficit, changes in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, the problems of US economy with post-industrialization, and the role of neoclassical economics in all this.

00:00 Highlight

00:55 Introduction

05:34 World Bank

18:51 US & Europe

21:09 US BOP deficit

32:45 Russia after USSR

50:20 US junk economy

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